Industries and Applications

HEXPOL provides hundreds of custom and standard compounds used in industries such as:

  • Transportation – Silicone components are used in automotive; light (pickup) and heavy trucks (semi); bus and rail mass transit; and aircraft to seal, insulate, and protect, providing safety, durability, and performance.
  • Energy – Silicone delivers longer service life, resistance to extreme temperatures and higher pressure in oil & gas applications, as well as superior UV protection for solar and wind energy components.
  • Building & Construction – Energy efficiency, structural protection, weatherproofing, window glazing and aesthetically pleasing attributes are some of the benefits provided by silicone.
  • Wire & Cable – When flexibility, resistance to harsh environments, and insulating properties are paramount, silicone rubber is the right choice.
  • Medical Technology – Silicone rubber is microbial resistant, clean, and traceable batch lot number, improving the performance of medical devices.

Single Source

Whatever your application, we can deliver the right silicone rubber compound to accomplish your goal

Cables and Terminators


Electrical Connectors

High-Voltage Insulators

Wire Insulation

Spark Plug Boots

Glazing (window seals)


Lip Seals

Medical Tubing, Mats, Handles

Seals & Stoppers


Syringes and Plungers



Rollers – High Release & Temp

Food Industry Tubing

Packaging Seals

Profiles for Handling

Aviation Fuel Seals

Insulators, Connectors

Mechanical Goods