HEXPOL Field Technical Services: Know How. Know Why.

HEXPOL field technical service representatives are among the best in the world. Together, they have seven U.S. patents and seven foreign patents in polymer bonding/chemistry. Their mission is to consult with customers, analyze processes, and provide personalized service that matches the product with the process. Know How. Know Why.

Investing in People Fosters Excellence

We continually invest in their expertise through technical training and leadership programs. Whether they are polymer chemists, industry experts, technical sales or customer service representatives, we strive to elevate customer satisfaction and on-target solutions. Know How. Know Why

HEXPOL Values the Process

Our field representatives align HEXPOL’s process with the customer’s process to achieve product specification requirements that help ensure end product excellence. A process with stability, reliability, and repeatability is a predictable process that consistently produces the right product. Know How. Know Why.

The HEXPOL Technical Visit

We can conduct periodic, confidential on-site reviews, observing and analyzing attributes such as equipment, operator activities, and production processes to solve problems, increase productivity, and improve product quality.

Single Source

Report components include:

  • Customer Identifiers: name, location, contacts
  • Scope of the technical services review
  • Facility/equipment/process layouts/capabilities
  • Part/profile information
  • Trial parameters/effects
  • Comments/reports/conclusions
  • Closing meeting review and action items

HEXPOL brings value to each and every customer relationship:
Know How. Know Why.