HEXPOL Solutions

HEXPOL has silicone technical specialists and field service representatives who listen to what customers need. Because of silicone’s flexible chemical structure, our chemists can modify and improve its properties and enhance its performance to meet an array of functions in thousands of applications around the world.

Using our Request For Quote (RFQ) process, we collaborate with you to determine whether you need us to develop a custom formulation, use one of our existing formulas, or use your recipe for mixing.

We gather information that helps deliver the right silicone solution, such as:

  • Specification/Physical Requirements – Characteristics such as hardness, color, tensile, elongation, conductivity, high and low temperature limits, and fluid resistance; as well as specifications (e.g., military, automotive) and industry standards.
  • Customer Process for Curing – Injection, compression, extrusion, etc., as well at process parameters such as time, temperature and line speed.
  • Physical Forms of Compounded Shape – Continuous strips or slabs, preforms and pigs-rolls.
  • Application –What will the part be used for?
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Single Source

HEXPOL chemists and technical specialists use this information to modify the chemical structure of silicone rubber to achieve the exact properties needed for your application. Working with our customers, we continue to discover new applications for silicone polymers.

Let HEXPOL Silicone Compounding help you manufacture productive, safe, and high-performance products.